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Appointment Project

Included for $397

Funnels Domain/Subdomain set up,

Basic SEO, Creation & Design Pages

Funnel, Booking & Thank You Pages.

Calendar Teams, Service, Chat Widget Implementation. Workflow Appt confirm& Reminders. Promo Social Media Graphic Design, Test & Train. add ons extra

Appointment Results Project

Included for $357

Pipeline Sales Process Configuration,

Forms- Internal Results creation,

Workflows- Results form submitted,

Results Notes, Results Follow Up.

Trigger Link Configuration.

Promotion Social Media Graphic Design, Test & Train.

One Page Website Set Up

Included for $447

Creation & Design of Forms- Registration Opt-in.

Funnels Domains/Subdomain Set up,

Thank you, Replay.

Workflow- Registration confirmation, Reminders & FU. Promo Social Media Graphic Design, Test & Train.

add-on will be extra

5 Page Website Design

Included for $897

Custom Design of 5 Pages of your choice, Navigation Menu set up, Domain/Sub Domain set up,

5 Sections for content per page,

Basic SEO Implementation,

Media, Live Chat Widget Implementation, Social Medica Graphic,

Test & Train. add ons will be extra

Make A Membership

Included for $649

Domain/subdomain set up,

Custom design 5 website pages of your choice,

Navigation menu, up to 5 main sections of Enriching content per page,

Chat widget, social media graphics,

media implementation,

Basic SEO/meta data,

testing and training.

Lead Magnet

Included for $647

Domain/Subdomain set up,

Funnels-Registration, Thank You Creation & Design Pages.

Request Form,

Chat Widget Implementation.

Workflow Registration,

Confirmation Reminders,

Email & Text, Keyword receive a copy,

5 email FU, Promo Social Media Graphic Design, Test & Train

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