One of the biggest keys to success in life is

 effectively communicating!

It is my goal to help people of all ages in their quest for health, happiness, and being successful.

Let me help you discover solutions to challenges you may face with your Health, Wellness or Business.

Health and Wellness

An initial session with the Quantum Biofeedback takes approximately One hour, which allows for the review of the completed intake form and consent form, as well as identifying lifestyle issues and medical history to help cue the biofeedback device to any particular health risks you may have. Marie may also use applied kinesiology techniques (muscle testing) in adjunct with quantum biofeedback for food sensitivities.

Please tell me more about biofeedback

Do you need help with one of the following?

  • I have a health issue and no one can find a solution for me

  • I want to work with Marie Matteson and Dr. Mystique Grobe Naturopath to help me with my health and wellness.

  • I have heard good things from family and friends and I want to have a session!

I have a quantum biofeedback machine, but I need a mentor or guidance.

Business Solutions to help you streamline your process

As a busy, self-employed person I am always looking to work smarter, not harder. I am a one-person office. I needed to be able to use software that helped me accomplish emails, reminders, payments, classes, marketing, and more.

When I was shown I was blown away!

It has helped me streamline my businesses processes SO Very much.

As I began to build and learn,

I knew that I could help others do the same with their small business.

Do you need help with setting up an automated

website or funnel that connects to your calendar, sends out

reminders or emails with ease?

Do you need help setting up events, memberships, or courses?

Do your need a virtual assistant to help with Cultivating Sales Pro software?

Do you need help with for your EHR or Billing?

I have a wide variety of experience in my background (Alternative Health, Assistant to a Chiropractor and Naturopathic Physician, Medical Clinics, Software in EHR and Insurance Billing, Lay out and Design at a Graphic Arts Studio, and Teaching courses at community college, that I draw from on a daily basis to help others just like you as a virtual assistant for cultivating sales.

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