I am a Certified Automation Architect with The Academy for High Level formerly known as "Certified Automation Architect".
I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs find success and I'm 100% ready to TAKE ACTION on all your Go High Level needs. My experience has given me the skillset and mindset needed to troubleshoot and automate your operations for further growth, so don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm more than happy to hop on a video or phone call with for an assessment. One thing's for sure - I will help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy and equip you with the knowledge necessary to leverage automation and see real results. Rest assured that when you work with me, you'll receive nothing less than top-notch service, professionalism, and remarkable problem solving skills. So message me now, let's get started!

•project oriented

•problem finder/solution resolution



*membership and course builder

•Canva Pro

I help others discover solutions to their business needs and gain success through effective automation and communication.

I love that all my needs are in one dashboard! As a solo-preneur, I found great solutions building my own sites, funnels and forms in cultivatingsales.com. No more chasing after required forms, playing phone tag, or scheduling hassles! I help other businesses just like yours to maximize their needs and gain success through effective automation and communication.

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town with a radio communication business in our home. I learned many foundational skills from my mom and dad. From my mom, I learned to ask key questions - something that has served me well as an entrepreneur. My dad taught me the importance of being reliable and always following through on commitments. These skills have helped me throughout my career and now as an entrepreneur.

"Marie stepped in to help me on some projects needing urgent attention while my VA was out of town and took stock of my entire business and CRM system, educating and informing me well beyond the scope of the projects. She was a Godsend. Marie is a broad thinker and a detailed person, quick, agile, thoughtful and caring in her support. She is a tremendous asset!"

MING LOVEJOY Mar 30th 2022

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