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Kudos from Caroline

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This week, Caroline Sutherland, medical intuitive and best-selling author of The Body Knows books, was so kind to mention me in her latest newsletter: “Marie Matteson MS is one of my favorite practitioners in the Bellingham Washington area. Every time I am going through a new ‘step in growth’ I call upon Marie for her […]

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Inflammation Elimination Challege

3 Week Inflammation Elimination Challenge

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Our body systems respond to what we eat.  Sometimes in a subtle, not so great way.  Inflammation within the blood vessels, gut, and other structures have been linked as the basis of many diseases. Inflammation may not always appear like a swollen ankle, but rather as a symptom of some kind.  Take my Blog Talk […]

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Foods ~ Inflammatory vs. Non inflammatory

Articles, Blog on February 20th, 2011 Comments Off on Foods ~ Inflammatory vs. Non inflammatory

This post is a follow up to the Blog Talk Radio/Alternative Healing program that was recorded on Thursday,  February 17, 2011 According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004 here is a list of foods that cause inflammation and may be directly related to heart disease. Sugar Soda alcohol bread […]

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The Four Keys … Body~Mind~Emotion~Spirit

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Our Bodies – Life is experienced in the body.  Feeding the body with nutritionally sound food and creating ways to move the body through play is essential. Our Minds – Our thoughts are who we are.  Providing rich learning environments that honor learning styles and the freedom to choose learning experiences that enhance learning potential. […]

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On Blog Talk Radio

Alternative Healing on Blog Talk Radio: Applied (Wellness) Kinesiology

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Click here to listen to my latest talk with Bonnie Atchley, host of Blog Talk Radio’s Alternative Healing segment.  In this show, I talk about Applied (Wellness) Kinesiology. I’ve been successfully assisting people in learning how to tap in to the messages their bodies have been sending them through integrative and alternative healing methods for […]

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On Alternatives

Doctors Going Alternative

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“Doctors Going Alternative” by Julie Deardorff – The Chicago Tribune – January 14, 2009 More mainstream physicians are suggesting meditation, massage and acupunture.  From the article: Nearly 40 percent of adults used integrative therapies last year, according to a new government report, most often to treat chronic back, neck and joint pain, arthritis, anxiety, high cholesterol […]