Biofeedback ~ Balance your body

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$80.00 USD Biofeedback Session & Energy Balance

is a non-invasive training technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body’s stressors and imbalances, and returns your body back to health by reducing stress. Excess stress is the pathway to disease. Stress is the cause of 80% of most disease. Stress can come from many sources, such as:
• toxicity
• trauma
• pathogen
• mental factors
• perverse energy
• allergies
• heredity
• habits & deficiency syndrome
As the stress continues the dis-ease progresses; Simply put, when the frequency of our cells is high we experience a healthy life. When the frequency of our cells is low we are more susceptible to disease and symptomatic health issues. Dis-ease is found in non-vibrating, non-charged, or non-energized cells.
Our body’s first signal that all is not well is vibrational or electromagnetic. The damaging frequencies are stored in cells and may build up unnoticed for years. Chemical changes begin to appear later and bacteria, viruses, and other
pathogens take hold. Our lifestyle can also create damaging frequencies that could be corrected long before physical symptoms erupt. Every human thought and action is accompanied by electrical activity in the nervous system. Our cells network together keeping our body in harmony. It is known as homeostasis. Each cell in our body operates at a certain frequency.

Identifying the specific electromagnetic frequency of different molecules allow modern science to diagnose and heal using sound or light to produce the specific electromagnetic frequencies needed. Energy Medicine increases the vibration or the frequency of the cells, which brings the vibrational level of the body back to its natural state of being.
Biofeedback will accurately measure in less than 5 minutes the stress from over 10,000+ different substances as electromagnetic waveforms -vitamin levels, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses, allergens,
The electromagnetic field generated by the Biofeedback will help balance the energy flow in your body, and reduce the stress that is causing the blockages, toxicity, fatigue, depression, fatigue, pain, etc. Biofeedback interacts directly with our cells to raise their frequency, by balancing the stress in our cells. Once the body is less stressed, less toxic and balanced energetically then it will begin to heal itself.

On an energetic level the quantum biofeedback is able to cleanse & Clear the aura, chakras and etheric fields around the body. Give it a try and see for yourself how much better you may feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. In office and Long Distance sessions are available. YES! some HSA Insurance Covers Biofeedback

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