Inflammation Elimination Challege

3 Week Inflammation Elimination Challenge

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Our body systems respond to what we eat.  Sometimes in a subtle, not so great way.  Inflammation within the blood vessels, gut, and other structures have been linked as the basis of many diseases. Inflammation may not always appear like a swollen ankle, but rather as a symptom of some kind.  Take my Blog Talk Radio challenge! Listen to today’s show

For three weeks I’d like to you eliminate your favorite foods, whatever they are…chicken? pasta? sweets? asparagus???  Keep track of how your mind AND body feel.  Make comments on page and help us with our Blog Talk Radio Results Show!   If you’d like to remain anonymous then send your comments here.

Learn how to tune into how your body responds by taking the elimination challenge! You are going to AMAZE yourself!  If you get stuck, crave carbs, or have questions, let me know!


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