The Four Keys … Body~Mind~Emotion~Spirit

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Our Bodies – Life is experienced in the body.  Feeding the body with nutritionally sound food and creating ways to move the body through play is essential.

Our Minds – Our thoughts are who we are.  Providing rich learning environments that honor learning styles and the freedom to choose learning experiences that enhance learning potential.

Our Emotions – Emotional intelligence is one key to a healthy life.  Increasing emotional intelligence through practicing  emotional control and validating emotions develops resilience.

Our Spirit – Spirit is our divine essence. Discovering the divine spark, finding the quiet place within and connecting to nature enhance intuition and expand awareness and value of self.

These are the essential keys to wellness.  We are intricate human beings and having a good balance in these four areas help us to achieve healthy lifestyle.  Let’s explore the first key;  I encourage you to check in with your self.   Are you happy with your body?  Could you use a little help deciding what is the healthiest foods specifically for you? Learn to use simple techniques to help you choose the best food choices for your body.  “The arm test,”  pulse, blood pressure, and bio-feedback are excellent ways that assist you in making the best decisions. Many people use a pendulum or have learned muscle testing.  If you would like assistance learning some of these techniques, I suggest the book Energy Diagnostics by Fred Gallo.

If you are unhappy with your body due to weight management, first consult your physician for your options.  Then explore your options.  Caroline Sutherland authors the series “The Body Knows: Cracking The Weight Loss Code”, an excellent book to read about  the Candida Albicans connection.

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