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Body Balance Physical? Mental? Emotional?

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How did I get to this place of imbalance? My hip hurts, my back hurts and I just want to lie on the floor! This is a follow up to a question in the office this week….

Your body responds to all types of input from within and outside influences, like what you eat, the weather, how your move, i.e. run walk, twist, turn, what you hear and your minds interpretation of all of it. For instance, it is warm weather, you are not taking in enough water, which may lead to a slight to moderate dehydration, your brain is storing that information and chunks it with a twisting movement, and the emotional stress of having to chase a kid suddenly, or moving before the end of the month. You have unknowingly created a recipe for low back or hip pain. Now what do you do?

Well, what has worked in the past? Drinking fluids is a good start. Now I’m talking water, Emergen C or a low sugar, not an alcohol kinda fluid.

Next, what are you going to do about the stresses?

I’ve got a great solution that takes less than one minute. It looks kind of funny, but it’s super simple to do. I wrote an article about it in Woman’s Day, September 2007. Emotional Stress Release is an exercise that you do with your conscious mind and “clears” the stress signals from the brain to the affected body part. I can even show you how it lowers blood pressure! Call for a free 15 minute consultation! There are literally thousands of applications.

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