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Oh my aching… shoulder?

Common Complaints on June 29th, 2009 No Comments

How is it possible that so many body parts are connected? Simple, we are a matrix of nerve and connective tissue that refer pain all over the place. That includes from places that you would not expect. Take for instance the shoulder pain that you have on and off for no good reason. Are you sure that the meds really take away the problem? What have you tried? Was it an injury?

Let me share from personal experience this little tid bit… No shoulder injury, just a pain behind my shoulder blades, a dull ache that I thought was referred from my kidneys. Well it turns out that the gallbladder can refer pain to just about anywhere in the upper body, but usually the right shoulder, through to the back, or up around the neck. I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t give a diagnosis, but I can say that keeping a food diary helps a lot to get to the cause of the problem. I wrote down things that made my pain worse, foods included. Since I am trained to muscle test myself and others, I did that too. WOW! I had the help of my naturopath, Dr. Mystique Grobe and made an appointment to see a surgeon. I was amazed that I had no dull achy pain, just four tiny incisions when I woke up from surgery. No more indigestion, gallbladder pain, heartburn, AND no more shoulder pain. How cool is that!?

If you want to try muscle testing foods, or a achy pains we can discover what you body is saying.

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