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60 to 90 minute consultations are tailored to your needs. Biofeedback may assist you in knowing what is going on with your body. Learn what healthy foods you may not tolerate, include a basic food panel ($126 value), chakra balancing and priority assessment for the body. Get answers to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Contact Marie for your individual session. Phone consults are effective and available. (a release will be emailed to you for a signature, instructions will be given before evaluation appointment time.

Many Health Insurances like Cigna, Premera, and Group Health Options may cover your visits. HSA accounts cover biofeedback with a diagnosis code and prescription from your doctor or chiropractor.

If you elect to not use insurance, click the button below to book a basic 60-minute consultation with PayPal for $120.

Kudos from Caroline

This week, Caroline Sutherland, medical intuitive and best-selling author of The Body Knows books, was so kind to mention me in her latest newsletter:

“Marie Matteson MS is one of my favorite practitioners in the Bellingham Washington area. Every time I am going through a new ‘step in growth’ I call upon Marie for her wisdom and guidance and her expert muscle testing. In fact she has presented several times at my Medical Intuitive Training – coming up this October in Bellingham.

Through muscle testing (which she can do in person or remotely) Marie can pick up imbalances or blocks which could be preventing you from emotional release, successful weight loss or achieving any goal. I am looking forward to my Birthday session with Marie in March!

She can help to identify emotions that may be creating an imbalance in your life. She uses simple, yet profound ways to clear blocks and empower you to create positive outcomes.”

Thank you, Caroline!

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